About Sarah Ellis

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Sarah has been a certified massage practitioner since 1996. Her background includes being a professional dancer, yoga teacher and ACE certified fitness instructor. At the Brian Utting School of Massage, she was a teacher of technique, business, and communication skills. She also served as an advisory board member. In her youth Sarah competed in basketball, soccer, fast pitch softball, track, and cross-country.

Sarah got into massage therapy and bodywork after a serious car accident which left her nearly paralyzed. She researched injury recovery and developed her own rehab program of exercises, stretches and visualization techniques. Bodywork also played an important and transformational role in her recovery, releasing scar tissue and re-balancing structures, while aiding in psychosomatic and emotional release.

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After her experience, Sarah wanted to be able to give back to others in a way that had profoundly helped her: through bodywork. Her unique rehabilitation and background in movement gives her insight into what it takes to recover from injuries and accidents. Along with her anatomy knowledge, this enables her to set up informative and helpful rehabilitation exercise and stretches. Sarah believes education is empowerment. Through educating each client about their unique situations and recovery plan, Sarah gives her clients the information they need to initiate and direct their own healing process.

Outside of work, Sarah is the mother of 2 amazingly wonderful kids. She also loves swing dancing, hiking, yoga, gardening and spending time with family and friends.