Sarah Ellis is an intuitive and sensitive massage therapist. I had been going to Sarah for neck and back issues. Her keen awareness to her clients helped bring to the surface my problem with scar tissue in the abdomen from a hysterectomy done several years prior.    » Expand ~ Debra

Prior to meeting Sarah, I had received massage from over a dozen Massage Therapists. The difference between Sarah and my prior providers is remarkable.    » Expand ~ Shannon

She first listens and then applies her responsive and gifted techniques that inevitably help to heal what ails me.    » Expand ~ Annie

The depth of her knowledge -- and her ability to explain it to the layperson -- never ceases to amaze me.    » Expand ~ Courtenay, Mother of a 6-year-old
CWS, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Author

I have been a client of Sarah's for many years. She is extremely professional, respectful, and skilled using a wide variety of techniques as needed. As a Social Worker I have referred patients to Sarah for therapeutic massage, confident that they will feel immediate and lasting benefits. ~ Chancy, MSW

Sarah's professional skill evaporates body aches like magic. With exceptional empathy she creates a welcoming and healing atmosphere for therapeutic massage.    » Expand ~ Tom and Carol
Seattle, Washington

Her work with me has enhanced my athletic endeavors, helped me heal in my grief, and encouraged me to be healthy in body and mind. I can only give positive endorsement.    » Expand ~ Karin

I was blown away by Sarah's manner, her knowledge of the human body, medical conditions, and by her calm, compassionate approach to me and the pain I was feeling.   
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~ Sue

Sarah is an amazing and talented Massage Practitioner. Her additional studies in Visceral Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy make her work so valuable.    » Expand ~ Shane

Having a treatment by Sarah Ellis is an amazing experience.   
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~ Titia

I am so grateful to have had Sarah as my massage therapist for the past few years. She is insightful and highly skilled as a healing professional. I have a congenital hip problem and much associated pain. I am confident in Sarah's approach to therapy and in her ability to listen and address my concerns.    » Expand ~ Kathy

She is extremely thorough, a great listener (to my words and mainly my body), and amazingly knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology and everything else that is part of her profession.   
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~ Valerie, Yoga Instructor

Sarah Ellis is excellent at therapeutic massage and has a great understanding of physiology. I always leave feeling better! ~ Geoff

Sarah is knowledgeable, highly skilled, and puts you at ease immediately.    » Expand ~ Joanna

She has an intimate knowledge of how the body works and was able to get me back to my previous health through massage therapy and a targeted program of stretches and exercises that she devised to treat my injuries.    » Expand ~ William

With amazing clarity she found her way to the underlying source of tension in my spine that drove the imbalanced pattern throughout my body, and released it.    » Expand ~ Heidi, Homeopath, Body Worker and Writer

I meet Sarah aprox. 3 months after my injury (in Dec 2009) and I was desperate. Well BINGO… finally someone who knew the body, where I was injured, tight (I did not need to tell her--she could find it) and she also knew where my bones were out. I feel very fortunate to have found her…    » Expand ~ Marcia